Gay Project was born in Italy five years ago, it has nothing to do with dating sites and sex chats, was designed instead to encourage a dialogue among gay people through specific software tools. Gay Project has several blogs in Italian, has a Forum that has collected more than 17,000 post and, on the whole of its sites, has raised nearly two million visits.The philosophy of the project is very simple:

1) No economic interest. The entire activity of Gay Project is totally free and non-profit.

2) No affiliation with other groups or organizations.

3) No dependence on political or religious ideologies.

4) Always tell the truth.

5) Publish only original material.

Until now, Gay Project had only one blog in English but the blog has been updated infrequently and was therefore not well developed. It is my intention, with the launch of this new blog, to start publishing in English posts that have been most successful among Italian public.


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