Hello everyone, I need some advice … I am 34 years old, I’ve been married for five years and I’ve been with her for about 15 years. Fortunately, to date without children even if recently we decided to put one in the train! Since I was very young I have always had a totally straight life, the first experiences in adolescence and then the meeting with the woman I chose as a life partner and I have never betrayed with any other woman; nevertheless, I have always understood and appreciated the beauty of the female body, as well as of the masculine one, without ever thinking of being able to desire it physically (and mentally). In the years of university, being distant from my girlfriend and despite living a heterosexual life with her, I often did some simple skype sessions with guys of my age, simple and fast experience! More a physical need than anything else, so I have always interpreted it! About two years ago, at a time when I had moved abroad for 5 months, I re-experienced that experience of those video calls and I – almost inexplicably – discovered that I was pleasing many of the straight-bisexual-gay guys with whom I chatted. I started to like this thing and I continued to talk with some of these guys, leaving everything in the virtual sphere, but in some cases also creating friendships that still today, with great difficulty, I’m trying to carry on. Only once I met a guy much younger than me (19) who had involved me more mentally than physically, but it ended up rapidly  because I had not considered it particularly interesting until … until two months ago, when on a boring morning of work I enter FB and I see a post of a gay friend of mine with a picture taken from a page of a well-known application for gay dating, I’m curious, I download the app and create an account. Shortly thereafter messages from other users began to arrive, asking me to send them a picture of my body and face. After many requests and as many denials, to the umpteenth request I reply a bit “annoyed” attaching the photo: after just a few seconds a guy asks me if by any chance I worked in the society in which I work. I felt my blood freezing, I didn’t realize that this application for mobile phones also indicated the distance between users! Taken a bit from terror, but having now forwarded my full picture, I say yes and so we start to chat and get to know each other. He is my age, a deep look and above all a beautiful body, muscular and lean just as I like it: the male beauty canon that I always liked. After about four days, I decide to meet him to have a coffee and tell him that I’m married and never had a relationship with a man neither had sex with a man. He initially fells a little perplexed for a while, but then he says he likes me and wants to date me. So after a few days, we meet and spend a good – but for me also full of anxiety, so much anxiety – afternoon together, made of tenderness and understanding. I discover that in addition to having a beautiful body he also has a beautiful soul, deep and sensitive, rich and generous! So for about two months now, this relationship goes on and I think I start feeling something – that is not love or at least it is not in the form that I have already experienced with my wife – and if before I thought that it was a sexual need I realized thanks to him that I miss being able to rely on a man, feel his body, his physical proximity, his prestancy and have a comparison from peer to peer. In short, I was looking for all those feelings of security and acceptance that I have always given to my wife and to all the people I love. All this to tell you that … I’m confused! I don’t know how this relationship can evolve with him to whom I feel I cannot give 100% of myself – this hurts me because I feel that I am depriving him of the possibility of enjoying a true and total love – and very often I would want to make my wife participate in the happiness and feeling of completeness that I am reaching thanks to the happiness I am feeling with him. I would like so much to confirm to her that I love her and that the life projects we have done together we will realize them together, but at the same time I would like to convince her of my need to have at my side a man who can reassure me and speak to me as only a man can do. I thought I’d tell her all this, but I know I would hurt her because I know the idea she has of bisexuals (if she tolerate gays, for bisexuals she says they are perverts because they do the “ndo cojo cojo” life [“ndo cojo cojo” is an expression of the Roman dialect which means “where I hit I hit”]) and she wouldn’t deserve it; but above all I doubt she can understand. I desperately need advice, I want to evaluate the situation with your help so as to have more items at hand and, if I had to twist my life, I would like to have the most complete picture of the consequences. Thank you very much for helping!! R.


Hi lgian, first of all welcome to the forum!! And now let’s move on to the specific question. Your email is “a classic” in the sense that it is very difficult to describe better what true bisexuality is, that is, to experience a deep sexual and emotional involvement both towards men and women. I mean that in most cases there is a dissociation of the affectivity that remains heterosexual from the sexuality that is markedly homosexual, and this involves that an emotional relationship with a man becomes particularly difficult. But in your case affectivity and sexuality are not at all dissociated and then you can experience a real falling in love with a man (which in case of dissociation is not realized). It must be said at once that the true bisexuality, the one like yours, is not a common thing. There are a lot more gays than real bisexuals and certainly a lot more people with a dissociated bisexuality (hetero affectivity and gay sexuality) than really bisexual people. The situation of a bisexual dissociated, paradoxically, is less complicated, because his homosexual needs can be resolved on an occasional basis and put less in crisis the heterosexual life that tends at least at an emotional level to remain stable. For a true bisexual, the presence of a male partner is first of all an emotional necessity and therefore the true bisexual tends to build stable and serious relationships with a man, exactly as he tends to do with a woman, but here arises the real problem, because a serious straight relationship, especially if formalized in marriage, presupposes exclusivity; even a serious gay relationship presupposes exclusivity, although perhaps in a lesser degree than what happens in a marriage relationship, but for a bisexual, and even more for a non-dissociated bisexual, exclusivity is a very heavy forcing. A bisexual, in any case, is faced with a choice: either he leaves his emotional and sexual life very fluid, not only without getting married, but without demanding or trying to achieve stable relationships of any kind, or must necessarily sacrifice half of his own affectivity-sexuality. In a situation like yours there is even a marriage and there is, behind, a heterosexual life that lasted several years and with the assumption both implicit and explicit of stability. Since your life at the time of marriage had always been heterosexual, getting to marriage was almost automatic, I mean that those who know they are gay or bisexual should think about it very well before getting married, in your case you could not predict the evolution of your affectivity-sexuality years later and then nobody can blame you for anything. You have no children, but you say that you are thinking about it, well, given the situation I would try to think about it very well, before, especially because your wife doesn’t know how things really are and very likely couldn’t accept them at all. If there are no children, with all the problems that this can entail, it’s not too much difficult to get to the separation and then to the divorce, but if there are children, problems are likely to become very large, I don’t just mean for you, but especially for children, who are forced to live stressful situations that may have serious psychological implications even after years. Even with a wife aware and willing to have children, the fact of giving birth to a son, for a married bisexual is still problematic, but if the wife is unconscious she may think she has been deceived, not at the time of marriage, but when you yourself have come to the awareness of how things were. Another observation: you are married, and a married man, for a gay is certainly not the best choice, a gay knows very well that getting together with a married man creates many complications and getting together with a married who has children is much more complicated. This means that finding a mate to create a gay couple would not be easy anyway. Generally, when there are children, the only things “realistically” possible are the compromise choices, in which a relationship is created with a man, but let’s say, low profile, more a relationship of amorous friendship than a real couple relationship, because the fundamental requirement is the protection of children. In such a situation even wives are much more cautious in choosing to separate, however it is essential to maintain a clear relationship with one’s wife and try to make her understand how things really are, even at the risk of putting the marriage in crisis. when there are no children, the choices may be less compromise choices, but the fact remains that even a stable gay couple relationship ends up not going well for a true bisexual, because in the end the gay partner doesn’t see the bisexual as a bisexual but he sees him like a gay and expects from him an exclusivity of almost matrimonial type. Realistically one might think of a loving friendship, if the partner is willing to accept a relationship of this kind, what is even possible, if relationship are very free and in any case the bisexual partner should make the effort to talk clearly to his wife, even at risk of undermining marriage, what is less disruptive when there are no children. I know very well that many gay guys don’t accept the fact that I tend to recommend compromise solutions, but they are gay not bisexual guys and above all don’t have the prospect of a married life. But this is honestly what I think and also the synthesis of the similar experiences that emerged from Gay Project. I would advise you to read the chapters on bisexuality and married gays in the book “Being Gay”, which contains several real examples of situations that might be of interest to you.


Hi Igian, I’m 33, almost 34, so I can give you a very heartfelt opinion. I am gay, and I accepted myself as such at the age of 23, after a period of bisexual latency that lasted a few years. Live this story that has happened to you, as you like better, however things go, but I want to give you a very spontaneous and immediate advice: since only now you have doubts about your sexuality, avoid conceiving a child with your wife, before you have clarified yourself mentally. Even if a child is always a gift from God, given the situation everything could be emotionally to his detriment in the event of divorce. But in addition, imagine the legal consequences that the thing could have if you divorce from your wife when you have a child (consequences you wouldn’t have if you don’t procreate). If you want to have some advice, we are always ready to give you our opinion in chat. Indeed, I invite you just to enter the chat so we can talk quietly about the confusion that you’re living. Greetings. Pugsley


Dear Project, Thank you first for providing me with very useful elements regarding my condition of – now I can say it more quietly – true bisexual. From the analysis you have made, it emerges, as usual, that clear and simple situations don’t suit me; on the contrary, in spite of the evident difficulties I had and I will probably continue to have, I’m a bit relieved that you have recognized in me the “true” bisexuality. I spoke often about this condition with him – I will call Enzo – and other chat friends who, and as you describe well in the volume “Being Gay”, have always replied that bisexuality doesn’t exist and that I had to admit that I’m gay: in short, It’s like adding confusion and uncertainty to my already difficult situation! It is a very difficult moment, especially because in addition to my happiness in this case there are also the lives of two other people – my wife and Enzo – for whom, in a different way, I feel a strong and deep feeling. In me, the fear of losing my wife while confessing her my bisexuality is very great as it is very great even the fear of losing Enzo putting him in the face of certainty that up today I cannot guarantee him any relationship of exclusivity.

At the same time, I think I have to talk to my wife about myself, my situation and the fact that I have discovered today not to feel completely myself because a part of me requires something that she cannot give me and I look for in a man. Easy to say … isn’t it? I wonder at this point what the next step may be. How to tell her? Keep silent about the relationship I’m having with Enzo? And then what would happen if she thought that  my so called problems where just transient follies without foundation, given that I have never felt a feeling for a man? Tell her about Enzo? Making her feel even more betrayed? The confusion increases more and more and I’m even more confused about how to act because, reading the volume you have advised me, I understand that even if I found the courage to talk with her the situation wouldn’t anyway know improvements destined to last. In particular, the passage in which you say:

“For bisexuals 50/50 adapt to an exclusive sexuality, be it heterosexual or gay, is a restrictive limitation and in these cases, they realize a half of their sexuality in the couple relationship, but it is difficult to reduce the other half to masturbation only and they actually feel the need also for a couple relationship of the other kind. … Generally a bisexual with a 50% gay propensity, given the social environment in which he lives, will tend to orient himself more to form a heterosexual fixed couple than a gay fixed couple, that would be against the current. In general, for a bisexual, precisely because it is much easier to live a straight couple sexuality, the typical models of the straight couple end up being dominant.”

It seems therefore more a condemnation rather than a road to seek happiness, now aware – and I always thought a little so – that if I had to decide whether to stay with my wife or follow Enzo I would always find myself “not complete”, not adequate, not happy. And yet, it would be so nice to be able to share with people you love your own happiness, to actually be yourself and show that you can love – in different ways and intensities – people of the other and of the same sex. Why does society force us to exclusivity that is to sacrifice ourselves and our feelings? As for the children’s speech, we are in a phase of a bit of a deadlock. Regardless of the considerations on my personal and intimate situation, we are evaluating the thing well because our uncertainties don’t only concern the ability to grow and give love to a possible child but also the fact that he can give us happiness as a couple and as individuals. Happiness is often what we all seek; I, unlike many, have always placed, in my life as a son, husband and friend, the happiness of others before mine and maybe that’s why I have now reached the limit and I’m looking for happiness, I also want it to myself, although I’m aware of not being sure to reach it and having to undertake a difficult path. I don’t know if I have the courage, I should find it, for myself … Thanks again for the patience you have in listening to people who approach this forum and for the professionalism and grace with which you respond to their requests for help and explanation. A really good job!



Dear Pugsley, thanks very much to you for your heartfelt opinion, but I think also very reasoned, that you wanted to give me. My intention, in this full and total confusion, is to avoid hurting the two people involved, one knowingly – Enzo – and the other without his knowledge – my wife – in this new situation that is upsetting my life. As I told Project, for now the children’s project is a bit on stand-by for different reasons, we often talk about it but still we are not totally convinced and we are procrastinating, although the underlying intention remains, to date. I also gladly accept the advice to come and have a meet people in Project’s chat, even if it will be a bit difficult because the couple’s life allows me to carve out only a few moments of intimacy. Any further advice you will want to give me, even on what I have answered to Project, will be welcome: I really need it!!! Thanks again for the support, R.


Hello lgian, yes indeed for a bisexual exclusivity is a condemnation and it is a condemnation substantially of social origin. Many things, which are commonly given for granted, as if they were basic laws of life or nature, are really conventions that have crystallized over the centuries and which “objectively” are pure preconceptions. We have a family model based on marriage that is an institution that starts from anything but obvious postulates. The same presumption of being able to constrain feelings by creating legal obligations for affectivity and sexuality is absurd. One can be obliged for the future (and for short periods) to do a job or to pay an amount of money, but certainly not to love a person. The marriage failures in Italy are now more than 50% of marriages, more than 50% of marriages end in separations and divorces, a sign that the institution is based on incongruous assumptions. The logic of marriage is “all or nothing”, or 100% love and always or marriage doesn’t exist, but reality is completely different, love can be 70% or 50% and even less but it is still love. The speech is also valid in the gay field, all gay guys, at the beginning, dream of stories like that of charming prince and of an overwhelming and eternal love, then slowly learn to leave the world of fairy tales and keep the feet on the ground in the world of reality. Lots of gay people stop looking for a mate, because the life of a married couple can also be good if there are certain indispensable assumptions, that is, if the couple is a real “spontaneous” exclusive couple, which is however very rare. The legal recognition of homosexual marriage is fine for the recognition of equal rights but, as happened in Spain, the number of homosexual marriages will certainly be low, and it should be added that if it were high due to social pressure, as happens among straight people, it would face the same pathologies of heterosexual marriage and a similar proportion of divorces and separations would arrive. In the hetero world, marriage, in theory, aims to protect children (as if to force parents to stay together by law was the best situation for children!), but in the gay world where the hypothesis of children is marginal, the legal obligation would be counterbalanced only by economic advantages such as the reversibility of the pension, which however could be linked, rather than to marriage, to the assumption of obligations of mutual assistance, because often marriages, with the years, become only this. Today as today the claim of exclusivity exists and I think that things will remain so for many years. But what can be done to make it clear to a wife who has grown up in the marriage myth that a bisexual man can feel forced into an exclusive relationship? Is it possible to require that this woman reasons with a mentality that would be in radical disagreement with the age-old tradition of her family and society? Frankly it is hard to believe that it can work. I have also seen, very rarely, women who have adapted to a similar situation, but I must say that they have suffered a lot. On the other hand, putting one foot in two shoes is not even a viable solution because it is basically a deception towards the wife. And there is also another complication because talking freely to one’s own wife involves that then she will talk “confidentially” with parents and other family members and they, always “confidentially” will talk with others, until everyone will know not how things really are but that you’re a weird, you have strange ideas in mind, you do strange things, etc. etc. On the other hand, the alternative is to close the other half of one’s affectivity and sexuality altogether into the closet, self-repressing oneself to try to save the marriage, what in the long run would make marriage itself oppressive and unbearable. Last observation: between the discovery of one’s own gay side and the possibility of creating a “stable but not exclusive” story with a man there is an abyss, seen from the outside it seems easy but the problems always appear later. In conclusion it is a very complicated situation that will still lead you to sacrifice something because, they can say or deny it, both your wife and the man you are interested in will not be satisfied with 50% of you.


Hello lgian, My horizon of experiences is essentially different from yours. To express an opinion on the situation, at least for me, would be at least risky. I fully agree with what they have highlighted both Project and Pugsley, and that is that the situation in which you find yourself deserves a deep reflection, especially about the possibility that you and your wife want to have children. The only thing I can really tell you is to reflect on how you imagine your future life and how you would really feel. You could, it is true, live a double life, made of your wife’s emotional response and, at the same time, of Enzo or any boy with whom you would possibly feel on the same wavelength. But could you really manage to endure and live such a complicated and anxiety-provoking relationship? I find it difficult to imagine a double life that is really satisfying and lived in a very peaceful way. As you speak, it is clear that the feelings both towards your wife and Enzo are sincere, but you yourself felt the need to put yourself in their shoes: what is the life they want? Your wife wants an exclusive relationship with the crowning of the children. Enzo, presumably, in the long run could demand a more exclusive relationship from you. Their idea of life and their emotional needs must be respected as much as yours, for this reason as central question arises the question related to which life you really desire. In your situation, I sincerely wouldn’t know how to behave. Personally I try to be always honest with people, so I would probably try to be clear with my wife. But it is a purely hypothetical and theoretical reasoning that, if I were to live it, I would not really know how to deal with it. Life is always much more complicated than any theory. Obviously this is not the suggestion I give you. Taking a step like this involves real risks that are beyond our control. But at the same time, the relationship with your wife has already changed profoundly.

Best wishes.


I share many of the things that those who preceded me wrote to you. As I see it personally, the discourse on your sexual orientation could however be reductive. Just a few days ago had been published on this forum a mail of a guy who seems to have built an emotional relationship with two other guys and he was also faced with the dilemma of having to decide what to do and, like you, he seemed to experience  feelings toward both guys who for different reasons satisfied different sides of him. Even he, like you, fantasized about a possible unlikely relationship with three partners, unlikely not only for social problems but because of the evident difficulty that each of us feels having to accept that he is not enough. Of similar situations in hetero version then you can find as many as you like. I would therefore invite you to separate the moment of awareness of your sexuality from the concrete situation in which you are stuck and from which you can only go out blowing up the desk. It is clear that your wife will never accept the situation and in this regard I invite you to read the many stories of girls who shared their experiences in this forum. These are confused women, who have difficulty with accepting their partner’s homosexuality, and don’t accept at all that they cannot help him. Such situations are certainly complicated by your condition that is already unclear in itself, because you would go on to communicate that you are bisexual. It is not even clear how much the boy in question is aware of your bisexuality and would seriously agree to share you with your wife and how much rather he is waiting for you to make a clear decision, perhaps hoping that saying it to her you would interrupt the relationship with your wife to start an exclusive relationship with him. You dwell on the matter just a little, but from what you wrote it seems to me you have already found yourself in the condition of having to explain to him that the relationship with him don’t make you feel 100% complete and I can suppose that he didn’t take it well. Unfortunately you didn’t introduce yourself as a bisexual to both of them, and they didn’t have the chance to decide to deal with a bisexual, that is, they didn’t realize that it could happen at any moment that they should have to share you with other people. You have experienced asymmetrical relationships in which surely your wife has remained in the dark about everything, but even the guy could have hoped until the end that you were actually a confused homosexual. If in the meantime this confusion has disappeared, at least you could clarify your sexuality and, believe me, it is not a little thing. In my opinion the last thing you can hope for is a three-way relationship because in this way you should expect the situation to become explosive. Only you can choose what to do, whether to say everything clearly or to aspire to some form of compromise with the situation. But if you found yourself in this situation at a time when you and your wife were planning for a child, it’s probably because you don’t like this compromise and if you realize this it’s better to interrupt the relationship now than later in the presence of children. I’m sorry because I realize that for a bisexual it is even easier to hide one’s sexuality and this does not simplify things at all.


This last week when I tried to understand the situation that I was living, I was abroad for work. I and Enzo had met last Friday for the last time, it had been a nice and long afternoon taken away from work – and partly from my wife – where we had made love and talked, intimately as we often did. It has been a long week, a week full of thoughts, many, about the situation I am experiencing and of silences, many, of Enzo. Since last Saturday I have perceived his distance; he was absent for the whole day, he didn’t respond to my messages, he closed himself and he replied in an almost monosyllabic manner to my greetings: I understood that something had happened, that something had changed. And the week went on a little like this, with me looking for him and with him that could be found, yes, but always with an infinite distance between us. Yesterday I returned to the city after this week of travel and I rushed to him in a state of evident tension; the reception was just like I expected it: not to see him waiting for me at the door made me realize in an instant how distant, far away, but firm and decided was his soul. We had tea, we talked and confirmed what I had felt – and that you yourself had foreseen – this situation made of his expectations and the impossibility of living with me a normal relationship was hurting him and, for his own good, he decided it was better if the thing ended there. The words were different, the sense very clear and reasoned: so reasoned that I could not tell him anything, except that he was right, with an infinite sadness in the heart, and deep sense of emptiness that I tried and I’m trying. He told me that he had come to this choice after the last conversations we had last Friday when I would have said that I certainly wouldn’t be able to offer him what he wanted and that I would never leave my wife. When he reminded me of what I said, honestly, I was a bit upset because it’s been weeks that on the contrary I’m questioning myself, about my marriage and my life; I don’t remember so much firmness in my words and I’m really sorry they hurt him and made him feel lonely. What I certainly told him on Friday is that the Enzo that I knew and I care so much deserves to live a beautiful love story without all the complications that I have brought with my life in his life. This yes, I said it, to my detriment but to his advantage: not to remove him from me, but because knowing that he was not totally happy “thanks” to me, has always made me feel even more sad and insecure. He really is a special guy and deserves more, much more, than I can offer him today and have given him to this day. So I acknowledge my faults, but yesterday one of his affirmations hurt me: the meaning was “you never told me the truth, one day you said you wanted me, the other you could not assure me anything, I cannot believe a person like you.” This, yes, hurts me, because if there is one thing that I have always put at the center of our relationship this is the full and total sincerity, certainly not lies: it is the confusion I am experiencing that, perhaps, doesn’t lead me to always make firm decisions and to act accordingly, but I never wanted to make fun of him, take advantage of him and lie to him. I’m not that kind of person and I would never have behaved like that with someone I love. He told me that each of us must take his time to think about himself, while remaining a friendly relationship, whose evolution I honestly don’t know where it will lead. Speaking about me, he said that I must now think about how to solve the profound crisis I am experiencing with my wife; I’m not sure of this statement. I don’t feel that I’m experiencing any couple crisis, but simply an internal and deeply intimate crisis of mine due to the necessity of having to complete myself sharing my life even with a man, not so much from a sexual point of view – that I like, it’s obvious – but above all mental and sentimental. To explain to him my strong need to have even a man next to me I told him something simple, and effective for me: I need to experience every now and then the sense of “masculine” security that my hug gives my wife, lifting me at least for a few moments from the responsibility of having to always be the one who supports others. But I think that here I would return to the talk about bisexuality and the difficulties that a bisexual like me lives and will have to live. I don’t think that the relationship with my wife has changed in the years or in these months, the mental understanding is always alive like the sexual one; obviously in these months my mind has been occupied by the idea of taking care also of Enzo and of our relationship, I don’t hide it, but I’m not sure that this could make our marriage a marriage in crisis. I will need time to keep thinking about this too. Yesterday as I went down the stairs of his house, I felt a huge distance. I share his choice, his words, his motivations; I share them even though I know have to face the existence of an emptiness inside me and the awareness of having to continue to look inside myself to try to understand how I imagine my future and what priorities I have to give myself. It will not be easy, because the choices are not easy, and at this point I’m not even convinced I’ll ever be able to pursue my total happiness. Now I have to take some time, silent, to think of myself and free my mind a little. Being able to love two people is a beautiful feeling and I, at this point, I can say I tried it, in different ways and forms, but I tried it and I’m happy with that. Too bad it is not possible to manage its evolution avoiding to harm others. Enzo will remain an important person who has passed through my life and who could continue to play an important role as a friend. I say it will be difficult because I don’t know how I can actually react to this new situation and to the lack of his hugs and his smiles.

Today I will see him at work and we said that even today, as we did in the last two months, we will have breakfast together and I will try to show myself peaceful and quiet, today it will be a constraint for me, but over time I hope he returns to those states of mind. I’m sorry I hurt him, but the affection I have for him has always been so much and will be so in the future, I’m almost certain. I have always told him that “it would have been better for both of us if in that application I knew someone interested only in a sexual encounter and not a beautiful person like you”. In reality today I think exactly the opposite: it was nice to know him, meet him, make love with him, discover with a person like him a part of me that was always hidden. I will always bring a good memory of this experience and I am sure I will always be moved by thinking of him and the intimacy we have reached, more mental than physical.

Hi, R.


Hi lgian, from what you write I understand that Enzo doesn’t see you as a bisexual but as a gay man, something very common in situations of this kind. He expects from you the typical reactions of a married gay who at some point goes into crisis with his wife because he decides to give space to his homosexuality, but you are not in crisis with your wife, apart from the fact that you say it explicitly, you’re not exactly because you’re bisexual and for you an openness to gay affectivity certainly does not undermine a marriage. For you it is nice to love two people and you don’t ask yourself at all the problem of the choice between Enzo and your wife. Will Enzo disappear completely from your life? Well … first of all, as for you, whatever happens, you will not forget him, because you know very well that his going away is not a betrayal but an impossibility and as for him, over time, he could also realize that you also didn’t betray him and you didn’t lie to him and in this case he could very well try to recreate a relationship even if on other bases, I’m talking about a friendship that is never a trivial thing, but if he had found a possessive partner he could also end up moving away permanently. In any case, from these experiences you two learn a lot on both sides and you learn above all to understand that the other is really another and that he has his dreams and his projects and sometimes it is difficult to reconcile different ways of seeing the affective life. I ask you to include this whole discussion (starting from your opening post) in the book “Being Gay”, as a document attached to the chapter on bisexuality, because I think this discussion clarifies many concepts and can be extremely useful to several people. Let me know what you think. Obviously, if you don’t agree, nothing will be done.


Dear Project, sorry if I answer you after such a long time, but I have had busy weeks, both from a business and sentimental point of view! The important thing is that I’m continuing to hear from Enzo and see him. Thanks to your forum, we have spoken more intensely about my / our situation and we are trying to carry on our relationship, even if both with the awareness of not being able to understand and hypothesize the evolution of our relationship. I’m very happy, I admit it, because the feeling I feel is strong and being able to talk to him, to feel his body, to love him, is a wonderful feeling that completes me! As for my story, I’m glad if it can help and support other guys in similar situations. So you can safely use it and publish it in the book “Being Gay”. Greetings and thanks again for the support!



Hi lgian! I am really pleased to know that your relationship with Enzo continues. This is an uncommon fact that suggests that at the base there is something that is still very strong. Certainly the prospects for the future are not at all obvious but your relationship has resisted the first shocks and this suggests that it could even last in spite of everything. Then there is a big question mark: very balanced bisexuality, yes, of course, but what you write about Enzo suggests that there is a gay prevalence and, if it’s so, building a lasting relationship with Enzo becomes a hypothesis much less unreal. Thank you for publishing permission, I will provide as soon as possible!

If you like, you can join the discussion on this post on Gay Project Forum: http://gayprojectforum.altervista.org/T-a-married-bisexual

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